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 1-Day College Prep Soccer Camps
 9th-12th Grade Girls

April 23, 2023
July 30, 2023
August 6, 2023

December 10, 2023

Located at Westmont College in
Santa Barbara, CA.


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Check Out Our Video from our
5-Day Camp!


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The coaches really challenged me to grow as a player and taught me how to get recruited by college coaches.   They helped me to make a recruiting plan and figure out what I'm looking for in a college experience.  

Maddie S

Everything felt so professional.  The coaches and the facilities were amazing.  The technical skill work is something I will keep doing on my own to get better.  I also think the classroom sessions helped me to figure out my commitment level and how to actually get recruited.

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This camp was totally different from any other camp  I've done.  I felt like I got to experience what it's like to be a college soccer player.  The training was so competitive and fun and  the coaches were really invested in my growth.  We did two training sessions a day and then classroom courses in between, so it felt like we were student athletes.  I learned so much that will help me to be a better player and to get recruited.  

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