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We do position-specific training for goalkeepers and field players.

During this 5 day girls camp, players are fully immersed in the college student-athlete experience.  They live on campus in the dorms, eat their meals in the campus dining hall, train two times per day with college coaches on state-of-the-art facilities, participate in team bonding activities, and attend classroom sessions on soccer tactics, sport performance, and understanding the recruiting process.


Each player will receive individual feedback and coaching from college coaches, and an individual meeting with a college coach to discuss their recruiting plan, player goals etc..  

We Provide a Commuter Camp Option for Locals as well as the Residential Camp.  

The next camp will take place June 12th-17th, 2022.

The Early Bird price for the residential camp is $1,295 if you register before April 1st, 2022.

After April 1st regular residential tuition is $1,500.  If you are local and would like to commute to camp the Early Bird Price is $1,000 and regular tuition is $1,250. 


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On the Field

  • Develop player footwork, speed, coordination, balance and agility specifically for soccer performance

  •  Develop player technical skills in dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving and heading

  • Develop general player decision making skills and tactical understanding through small sided games, phase play training sessions

  • Develop position-specific tactical understanding and skill proficiency with functional training, phase play and 11v11 games

  • Teach recovery routines to speed recovery after tough workouts

  • Teach warm-up routines to prepare for high performance and help prevent injury 

  • Teach players how to implement the training from this camp into a personal training program they can continue to use to develop on their own in their home environments

Off the Field

Recruiting Course

  • Outline the steps in the recruiting process

  • Give a basic understanding of college recruiting rules

  • How to register with the NCAA and NAIA eligibility centers

  • Teach players how to research programs with our CPSA tools and templates

  • Give players tools to begin analyzing how to find the right school that matches their goals, values, interests etc.

  • Teach players how to email and call college coaches (with actual homework during the week)

  • Teach players how to narrow their options and really get to know their top choices

  • Teach players the process of committing to a college 

Soccer Tactics Course

  • Teach players the 5 principles of attacking & defending

  • Teach players the important objectives in each third of the field for attacking, defending and transitional moments

  • Discuss positional roles and attributes in light of soccer tactics

  • Teach players how to watch and analyze games to improve soccer understanding


Sport Performance Course

  • How to self access commitment levels in training, recovery, nutrition, strength and conditioning, academics etc.

  • How to increase levels of commitment and motivation

  • How to manage performance anxiety

  • How to set, track, and accomplish big goals

  • Basics of sport nutrition, strength and conditioning and psychology

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