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1-Day College Prep Soccer Camps for 9th-12th Grade Girls

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SOCCER Sessions

Our sessions are coached by experienced college coaches with USSF A licenses and/or Masters degrees in soccer coaching. These sessions develop player's technical and tactical ability by exposing them to a college level training environment that is challenging and fun.     1-Day camps emphasize skill training methodology and activities that players can use on their own, or with small groups in order to exponentially improve their game.

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Our recruiting course is designed to walk players through the recruiting process, so that they understand everything they need to do to get recruited.  The course is broken down into six lessons that include assignments that campers can work through during and after the camp.  During 1-Day camps, we quickly review this course and show players how to work through the lessons so they can follow the process on their own time.

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foot Work and Movement Skills Training

If you are a musician you must learn and master scales.  If you are a soccer player you must  learn and master proper foot work and movement patterns in order to be quick, agile and able to master the ball in every context.  

Over decades we have developed a program players can use on their own, or with small groups of people to develop fundamentals in soccer movement. These will transfer to being quick, balanced, explosive and controlled with the ball.  In our 1-Day camps we will take players through these sessions and teach them the routines and the proper technique to build powerful training plans they can use to improve for years to come.

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This classroom course is an overview of sport performance science. It teaches players how to assess and increase their levels of commitment and gives the "cliff notes" version of the basics of sport nutrition, strength and conditioning, and sport psychology.  Navigating these topics can be overwhelming and hard to apply.  We also know that 80% of most people's results come from about 20% of what they do, so we have assimilated decades of research and pulled out the key priorities that athletes should focus upon to see big results without getting overwhelmed by too many ideas.  Simplify your game plan. Execute your plan.  Get Results.  That's our motto!


1-Day Camps Offered in 2023

 April 23, 2023 

  July 30th, 2023 

     August 6th, 2023 

December 10th, 2023

Cost: $200

Includes t-shirt, lunch, snacks, recruiting roadmap, and other sport performance resources.

All camps are hosted at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA.

Sample Camp Schedule

7:30-8am Camp Check-In

8-8:45am Foot work, box training & other movement pattern training

8:45-9:30am Deliberate practice of skills training

9:30-10am Post training nutrition (we provide the meal and a discussion)

10-11:30am Sport Performance and commitment level discussion and resources

11:30-12:30pm Lunch provided with a nutrition discussion & resources

12:45-2pm Recruiting discussion and outline of how to use the curriculum  

2-2:30pm Discussion on Principles of Strength Training for Soccer Players

2:30-3:30pm Strength Training with CSCS certified college strength coach

3:30-4:15pm Review footwork, box training & movement pattern training

4:15-5pm Small-sided games training

5-5:20pm Camp Closing

Our Purpose

   We have designed an innovative camp experience for 9th-12th grade girls in order to expose players to a college level experience.  Our purpose is to equip players with the necessary skills and knowledge both on and off the field in order to reach their potential and get recruited to play college soccer. 

What Makes Us Different From Other Camps

  We combine quality college coaching, innovative camp curriculum, beautiful location and state-of-the-art facilities to produce a camp experience that is exceptional. This camp will help serious players reach the next level in their soccer performance, while also helping them to get clarity about what they are looking for in a college experience.  In addition, we provide players with many tools and resources to improve and get recruited.  This is NOT a college ID camp, though it WILL be run by college coaches.  This is a camp focused on helping you get BETTER as a player.  If you want to develop this year, this camp is just what you are looking for!

Check Out the Video from our 5-Day Camp!


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Back, top, left Jenny Jaggard.jpg

Jenny Jaggard is the head women's soccer coach at Westmont College.  She has 15 years of coaching experience and holds an M.S. in Soccer Coaching Education.  For the past eight years, she has worked as a college coach and recruiter and has a passion for helping female soccer players realize their dreams of playing college soccer. 


After working nearly a decade of college ID camps all over the country, she decided that there was a need for developing a camp for serious players that emphasizes player development and the skillsets necessary to get recruited by college coaches.  As a result, she decided to found College Prep Soccer Academy.  This camp is unlike other college camps because it focuses in-depth on player and personal development, equipping players with the tools to train more effectively, while helping players to navigate the recruiting process, and begin the process of self-discovery in order to find a college experience that matches their athletic and academic values and goals.  

Jaggard runs these camps with a qualified staff of college coaches with diverse coaching specialties in order to ensure that field players and goalkeepers receive the highest level of training and insight into the college experience.   

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